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Steel Doors

Different Types of Doors 

We provide a wide range of hollow metal doors, from 20 to 14 gauge, with a variety of core materials such as honeycomb, polystyrene, polyurethane foam, and temperature rise cores. 

The type of core and the components of the door vary based on the type of door. We offer Fire Rated Doors, Acoustic Doors, Stainless Steel Doors, Lead Lined Doors, Insulated Doors, and much more.

Hollow metal doors are categorized into four levels based on their intended usage and performance requirements, as defined by the Steel Door Institute (SDI). These levels are:

Level 1 Doors:

These doors are suitable for light-duty interior applications with minimal wear and tear, such as interior office doors, closets, and restrooms. They typically have a thickness of 1-3/4" or 1-3/8" and are constructed from 18-gauge or 16-gauge steel.

Level 2 Doors:

These doors are designed for moderate-duty interior applications with some anticipated wear and tear, such as classrooms, hallways, and utility rooms. They typically have a thickness of 1-3/4" and are manufactured from 16-gauge or 14-gauge steel.

Level 3 Doors:

These doors are intended for heavy-duty interior applications with high traffic and potential abuse, such as fire exits, stairwells, and mechanical rooms. They typically have a thickness of 1-3/4" and are constructed from 14-gauge or 12-gauge steel.

Level 4 Doors:

These doors are designed for maximum-duty applications in high-security areas where resistance to forced entry is crucial, such as vaults, data centers, and correctional facilities. They typically have a thickness of 1-3/4" and are manufactured from 12-gauge or 11-gauge steel.

Our doors exceed all industry standards for physical endurance and cycle of use.

Fire Rated Steel Double Door

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Type of Hollow Metal Doors

Fire Rated Hollow Metal Door

Fire Rated Hollow Metal Doors

Fire rated doors and frames are essential for human safety and property protection. Hollow metal is the most common material used for fire-rated doors. 

Our doors are Fire Rated and tested according to the latest BS EN1634-1 and UL10C standards. Our certification ensures that our doors protect you from an emergency. 

Our doors are fire rated for the maximum allowable limit according to BS EN 1634-1 (4 hours or 240 minutes) and UL10C (3 hours or 180 minutes) and are KFF approved (Kuwait Fire Force) 

Temperature Rise Steel Door

Temperature Rise Hollow Metal Doors 

During a fire, temperature rise doors act as a heat barrier, preventing excessive heat transfer to the non-fire side of the door, ensuring safe evacuation from a burning building. These specialized doors are commonly found in the stairwells of commercial buildings, providing a safe passage for occupants to exit the building.

Lead lined Steel Door

Lead Lined Hollow Metal Doors

Lead lined doors are crucial for safeguarding individuals from harmful radiation emitted by X-ray machines in medical facilities and hospitals. They also serve as a protective barrier against radiation in security-sensitive environments, such as those in the aerospace and defense industries.