We provide customized solutions for our customers through our additional services.

Our services include the following but is not limited to - logo embroidery and screen printing of logos on clothes (coveralls, safety vests, shirts/t-shirts), customized vinyl signs, metal sign boards, chain & wire rope sling construction, load testing of chain & wire rope slings and other lifting or pulling equipment, warehousing & logistics services. In addition to all these services, we even provide local sponsorship to foreign entities that want a professional team to help them get started without any headaches.

General Fabrication

We have our own workshop where we can design and fabricate finished products or parts. 

Chain & Wire rope sling construction

We design and construct chain / wire rope slings as per your requirement

3PL (Warehousing & Logistics)

Having over 180,000 sq.ft. in warehouse space, we can provide warehouse space and manage your inventory as per your requirements.

Sign Making

Utilize our sign workshop to make your own sign boards or stickers.

Load Testing

Our computer controlled test bed allows for testing of lifting equipment and we also provide a computer generated graph of the test results.


With over three decades of experience of doing business in Kuwait. We have the legal and commercial expertise and knowledge to overcome road blocks for any new business.